the view from here and there

Posting from a hotel room in beautiful Golden, Colorado. The spring blooming trees, lilacs, tulips, wildflowers, and the soft western grass have welcomed us to this beautiful and majestic part of the country. On our first evening we celebrated Mother’s Day in Evergreen at a restaurant overlooking a lake. A fox walked by the window, a little boy with a net fished the shallows with his mom, and the Canada Geese swam and flew in the dusk. The inspiration is everywhere to fresh eyes. The heat and humidity of Florida create a different atmosphere. There the air is tinted with warm hues until the white hot heat of the summer bleaches the sky of color. The moisture in the vegetation mists in green hues with hot yellow and orange flowers accenting the dark of the growth. Man plants pinks and blues to cool the view.
…and so it is, a contrast in temperature to feel and to see.

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I second the motion Beth! When I read your post, it seemed to divide into two paintings–the language itself painting a word picture but also suggesting 2 of possible Beth Rommel paintings placed side by side:)

Thank you both. Hannah, I switched to a different template on blogspot. I remembered you had mentioned the profile came up first on facebook so I was hoping this might change it.

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