Layers and Layers

Since I last wrote my studio has become a laboratory of experimentation.

My treasure trove of collage pieces has found its way to new canvas and wood panels. Maps, wrapping paper, ticket stubs, tissue dress patterns, string, architecture text books, all torn and carefully glued.

mixed media, home, mountains, Beth Rommel, family, love, joy, friends
Home is Where affection Calls, 20″ x 16″, High Country Art Gallery – Blue Ridge, GA

Extra house paint, latex, is painted and rubbed on top of the texture.

Step back.


Change the music.


Look some more.

Acrylics, pastels, charcoal over it all.

These new pieces can all be see at High Country Art Gallery in Blue Ridge, GA. More experiments are stirring in the studio with subject matter such as whales, turtles, horses, and insect life. Stay tuned.

Flower Power

still life, flowers, lily, tulip, painting, art,

I have completed the big flowers.

still life, flowers, lily, tulip, painting, art,
Flower Power, 24″ x 48″, mixed media, $750.

I have tried to think of something pithy to say, but with Hurricane Matthew lurking southeast of here, I have few words. I have so many very dear friends in harm’s way.

Please say a prayer for those in need of protection. This is a big bad bully. xoxo



Black Forest Pound Cake with Cherry Sauce


My dear husband of thirty two years celebrated his birthday this past weekend so I decided to fix something delicious for dessert.

This is the Black Forest Pound Cake with Cherry Sauce from page 120 of the October 2012 Southern Living. If you don’t already know I will tell you that the best recipes in the world come from this magazine. I have prepared their cover girl cakes from the December issues for several holiday events. My son has prepared the Christmas morning pastries they feature for years and my daughter has found treasures in their pages to add to the holiday noshing.

One of my favorite contemporary artists is Wayne Thiebaud. Here is his version of chocolate cake in woodcut form.

A masterpiece.

Wayne Thiebaud Dark Cake woodcut 1983