Memories Sparked by Mr. Mack

Many of us create art to help us remember or forget a part of our past. Many of my paintings draw from memories, often unconsciously. Today author/artist friend Kathleen Bradshaw recalled a quote,” if you haven’t been to Paris don’t write about Paris”. The point was to create what you know. What you remember.

Loompy, the German Dog
Loompy, the German Dog

I remember Loompy, the dog that belongs to our German cousins.

Angels Watchin' Over Me
Angels Watchin’ Over Me

I remember the song Angels Watchin’ Over Me My Lord from elementary school. It was taught to us by our music teacher, Al Moore. He wanted us to know Gospel songs, Civil War songs and just plain crazy stuff like “Crash on the Highway” (and I didn’t hear nobody pray).

All of this thinking is prompted by my exploration of the website of Daniel Mack. I highly recommend going to it to see how memories have been recorded in this artist’s work. Look at this chair and imagine the stories it can tell. Mr. Mack is a contributor to the Pocket Change Artist Trading Card exchange.

Daniel Mack Memory Chair
Daniel Mack Memory Chair

His work is beautiful and striking. Reading about this Memory Chair sparked all kinds of thoughts. I hope you will check out his blog to see what he has shared about the Pocket Change Artist Trading Card Exchange 


Robyn Hood Black writes about our art critique group. Reprinted with permission from Robyn Hood Black

Art Break Wednesday – Thankful!


This week as I count my blessings, I’m especially thankful for my wonderfully creative, generous, and supportive art critique group.

Prescott Hill, Beth Rommel, Kathleen Bradshaw, and Paula Puckett – my fabulous artists critique group!

Robyn and Kathleen

These fine folks are:  Prescott Hill, Beth Rommel, Kathleen Bradshaw, and Paula B. Puckett.

We meet once a month at Beth’s lovely home (though we’ve promised her we’ll start spreading the hosting love).  We eat, sip coffee, nibble some more, and encourage one another as we share whatever is going on in our artistic lives.  It’s not all social – each month we share whatever we’ve been working on for feedback.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned and how much I appreciate their keen insights!  I’m beyond thankful that I stumbled into the fold of this group as it was forming last spring. It’s made a huge difference in my creative life and has been very instrumental in my getting artsyletters off the ground.

Oh, and we sometimes take field trips, too.  Of course, we can all be found at SCBWI Southern Breeze events, but we like our own side trips as well.

Here we are shopping researching markets and digging up inspiration and treasures at the Flowery Branch (Georgia) Antique market.

And Beth and I are shopping  researching and gathering art-making supplies yet again this past weekend in Buford, Ga., at the Revival Antique show.

We call ourselves “Harold’s Friends” after Beth’s cat, who usually deigns to supervise each meeting at some point.  I’m thankful for these friends and wish, for everyone who creates, a talented, honest little band of folks who speak the same language and encourage them on the journey.
Thank you Robyn for allowing me to reprint your Artsyletters post. To see more from poet, author, artist, Robyn Hood Black you can go to her website at