“Can You Make it Rain More?”

Last summer, after the passing of Rock Star Prince, a conversation began.

When Prince was to perform at the Super Bowl in Miami the skies opened up with pouring rain. He was asked what should be done about his show.

He said, ”Can you make it rain more?”

This was an illustration of his work ethic, his understanding of “the show must go on” and the meaning of being a professional.

A man in Orlando heard I was interested in illustrating this event for his art collection. He also wanted a print made of it to present to an employee who was willing to go the “extra mile”.

Our communication was through email and phone calls. I began with a series of rough ideas on lined notebook paper.

I worked on more finished sketches for him. Pastels and watercolors.

We talked about what resonated with him.

The posture of the figure.

The shadow behind the figure.

The difficult road to be traveled through the mountains.


Is it possible to include the phrase, “Can you make it rain more?”

Is it necessary?

A decision was made. We agreed wholeheartedly on which image felt right. #7. So the process of putting oil on  a 30″ x 30″ canvas began.

More depth, more color and the addition of cold wax in the oil paint.


A few details.

Both my client and I were looking at similar challenges in our futures. Some we didn’t even know were ahead. Discussing the meaning of the Prince quotation was heartfelt. We both were sharing our beliefs. The beliefs we have are strong and reinforced daily by our life experiences.

The painting is on its way to a life in New York City and the print is living with an employee who was awarded it for special care and effort.

It was an honor for me to be part of this exchange of ideas.

Home Sweet Home

I was commissioned to do a painting of a home. The painting is for a realtor to give a client as a thank you gift.

The home I painted is the one the family is leaving behind in the northeast. They loved this house so much.

Watercolor of Home copyright ECR 2014
Watercolor of Home
copyright ECR 2014

Having never met the owner of this precious house I didn’t know what style they might like.

I had a little extra time so did another one that would reflect my sometimes quirky style.

Acrylic Painting of Home copyright ECR 2014
Acrylic Painting of Home
copyright ECR 2014

I had a wonderful time painting these and experimenting with two different looks.

The first one, the watercolor is the one that was chosen. It is framed and ready to go.

Hope they like it.

Gina’s Beach

This year I accepted a commission to paint a place beloved by a lovely lady.  Her husband brought me photos of this place, their family at this place and their bicycle, in this place.

Months passed as I sketched, conferred,  and designed this piece. It was 30″ x 40″.

in the beginning...
in the beginning…

So here we go with the ground to build the painting on.

The beach is roughed in.
The beach is roughed in.

I am enjoying the light in the white oil paint.

Adding the life guard chairs and the hotel in the background.
Adding the life guard chairs and the hotel in the background.
Looks like some people on this beach.
Looks like some people on this beach.

The family is appearing on the canvas as they take in a day at the beach.

Now the feline friends.
Now the feline friends.

How to present the cat that is living and a representation of the ones who are not?


The family pets who have passed away are hidden in the clouds. The water takes on more color. The blue walkway and grasses move in as the kitty in the foreground takes shape.

The family is painted in on their blanket and on the skim boards.
The family is painted in on their blanket and on the skim boards.

The photos for this painting were taken around 20 plus years ago so this is a compilation of memories and images. The pink bicycle has moved to the other side of the canvas.

The hotel has taken on color and landscaping.
The hotel has taken on color and landscaping.

This was a wonderful experience. We printed note cards so there would be a way to share the image.

Thank you dear friends for this opportunity.


Often an artist creates a custom work for a client. That is also known as a commission.

I am happy to say that working with Margo Geller is making that a reality. She has written a great book called Love Club A New Approach to Business Marketing. I have also put a link in red on the right side of my blog. I highly recommend this book with its fresh approach to networking and marketing and working with people you like. Now that is a concept I can understand.

The most recent commission is called, “I Knew You When I Was Sixteen.” It is a large 3′ by 4′ canvas, painted in oils. It is bright and bold.

Nancy and Andy
“I Knew You When I Was Sixteen”
oil 36″ x 48″ copyright ECR 2012

I have been working on capturing the relationship between two people or a person and their pet. This is a portrait of the connection between Andy and Nancy who have known each other since they were sixteen. They have lived in Florida and in Georgia, hence the tropical foliage and fruit, both oranges and peaches. The skyline at the top of the canvas is the view from the terrace of their condominium. Nancy’s personality is that of a woman who likes to wear red and smile, Andy is protective, kind, and admiring.

It was a joy to create this painting to celebrate the relationship of these lovely people.