Mixed Media
Book Cover, mixed media, 5.5″ x 8.5″

When I create a portrait or Relationship Painting I also design and produce a book to accompany it.


Inside the book.

The inside cover is artwork that coordinates with the painting and continues the story. There is also a written narrative that defines the intention of the painting. That includes the reason the painting was commissioned, a narrative of why I chose the images, the colors and the elements I included in the final piece. I sign and date this to confirm its authenticity.

Inside back cover.

Is this even necessary? No.

I don’t know of any other artists that actually do this. Sometimes there are certificates of authenticity, but they are only as good as the gallery or artist’s reputation. There have been many stories of people purchasing art on cruises with the assurance that their new purchase is going to appreciate in value. There should be no such promises, nobody knows what the art market will bear.

The portraits I create, the relationship paintings I create and all of the work I create is for your pleasure, to enhance your life, to remind you of a loved one or the connection to a loved one. Your children and grandchildren can keep these as a legacy.

So few people write letters anymore. So few people print photos anymore. There are emails and digital files galore, but not much that is tangible.  Nothing is  on your wall or in your dresser drawer to remind you of your grandmother or your sister. You have to turn on a device for the reminder. How about turning around to see it right there in front of you as you dress for the day, or head out to pick up your children at school, or glimpse a familiar face as you turn out the light.

Back cover

That is authentic. The feelings you have are authentic. A piece of paper cannot tell you what is authentic to you. My book is a little lagniappe, my 13th donut in a baker’s dozen. My way of saying thank you.