Self Portrait

Self portraits have been a staple of the artist diet since early times. As long as there has been a mirror or a body of water or window there has been an image to reflect upon.

Several months ago, I along with eleven others, registered early for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Spring Mingle conference. We signed up for the illustration intensive. At that point we were assigned a project by artist Mark Braught. This assignment was about how we saw ourselves. Specific locations, time periods and animals had to be included.

The first sketch I sent Mark was this one:

Sketch for SCBWI projectcopyright ECR 2013
Sketch for SCBWI project
copyright ECR 2013


This self portrait is placed in the Victorian Era, in England with lemurs. Of course!

Step onecopyright ECR 2013
Step one
copyright ECR 2013

As is typical for me there is under painting, this time in pink. My artwork adorns the walls with the subjects being turned into lemurs, my children are represented as the two lemurs in the chairs. Queen Victoria is on the right depicted as a lemur.

To add some depth to the piece I needed to make some changes.

Photographs of books from my shelves.
Photographs of books from my shelves.

I took lots of photos of the books on my shelves. I cut them out and began stacking them and arranging them around the room. I used decorative paper for the wallpaper and the rug.

Self Portraitcopyright ECR 2013
Self Portrait
copyright ECR 2013

And there it is, the self portrait.

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Finally catching up on a little blog reading… Beth, I love how you shared this work-in-progress as it was progressing! It’s been fun to see the earlier stages in person, and I look forward to seeing the final piece. Oh, and I LOVE lemurs, too!

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