Previews: Stay Tuned for These Future Blogs

The paper mosaic at left is a depiction of the children. A reflection of where my blogs will go. I have tried to go through my mental calendar for the next 6 months and see what could possibly be happening that would be interesting to a reader. With my youngest of two children going to college (in Golden, Colorado)in the fall I anticipate many changes.
1. What is outside the studio window? What is stimulating and what is distracting?
2. The differences in working in my studio at home and working in the studio/gallery space I rent and share. It is open to the public.
3. How to talk to visitors in the open studio.
4. Preparing for the group show in early June.
5. Picking pieces to exhibit in the show.
6. Stress of producing pieces with a deadline and a high school graduation and company from out of town.
7.What to wear for painting at home, grocery shopping, and painting in gallery/studio public space. Seems silly, but I think about it everyday.
8. How I designed my year old home studio. The books I used for reference and inspiration.
9. Which artists do I get inspiration from? Where do I find reference photos of their work?
10. How I file ideas in my “morgue.” When did I start that habit? How do I edit?
11. What to listen to while painting. Sounds I paint by.
12. When pets of the feline variety want to help paint.
13. How teenagers coming home for lunch change the atmosphere. How it doesn’t change when they aren’t here.
14.The rhythm of the day.
15. Coping as preparations are underway to take my son to college.
16. Coming home without him.
17. Strategies for being new empty nesters.
18. Lease is up in September. Is the public studio space worth the investment?
19. Incorporating my aesthetics, lots of pattern and color into landscape paintings and other realist subject matter.
20. Going through photos of trips to look for reference shots.

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Thank you for the reassurance. I am looking forward to visits in Colorado. He couldn’t have picked a prettier state. (We are happy with his choice in schools too:) Maybe I can meet some of the folks from the blog class “in real life.” E-Days sounds like fun. I know he is looking forward to a lot of new things and that is one of them.

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