New Orleans

My Pink House

I never thought much about growing up in a pink house in New Orleans. My mom had a great sense of color and style so as a child I never questioned her choices. Everything always looked nice to me.

It still looks nice to me.

One day a friend rode up on his bicycle and said, “You live in a pink house.”

It was as if I had never noticed.

Since that day in 1975, when I was an impressionable teen-ager, I have noticed the color of houses. Now I am an artist so that should come with the territory, but Jimmy’s comment started the process.

I have been out of touch with the world for a few weeks. Leave it to say a loved one needed some special time. This was a time out of my studio, so I started, again, to work on my children’s book.

It begins with a sentence about the main character living in my pink house.

"in my pink house" watercolor and ink
“in my pink house”
watercolor and ink

I am once again in the studio so hope to make some progress on this book. I have read it to children over the years and always had a positive response. It is time for me to be my character’s champion and get him out of the drawer and into the world.

Pink house and all.


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That’s so odd. I don’t remember it being pink at all. Oh well. There goes the memory. I will be in the Atlanta airport next Friday night. Does that count?

I think that living in a pink house sounds divine– and I’m sure that the character living there agrees with me! I look forward to further adventures in the Pink House. So glad that you are back up in your studio and drawing once again.

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