My friend Mary

A week ago my art group, The Lascaux Society, met. We had an assignment to do a portrait of a friend. There were no restrictions as far as size or medium. Agonizing over who to paint I turned to my friend, Mary who was in the same boat. We decided on each other. Some of you may understand how difficult it is to work when there are no deadlines and no restrictions. This assignment gave me a purpose and a focus. It was so much fun. Fun is not a big enough word to describe the portrait of me that Mary has begun. It is wonderful and colorful. Her use of materials is genius. I will photograph it when she has completed her mission.
I hope you enjoy this portrait of Mary, aka MK. I wanted to portray her cheerful disposition and her creativity. She has artistic expression in her dress, her writing, and her art. This is part of what makes her a renaissance woman in my eyes.

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Beth, I love the echoes of Gustav Klimt in your portrait of Mary. But unlike Klimt's work, this portrait is infused with joy and captures the spirit of your friendship…

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