Mayhem is a popular word these days.

I have been searching for a subject to write about. I prefer to blog when I have a graphic to illustrate what has been going on in my studio. For the last few months there has not been a lot of activity of that sort.

Most of you know I am moving to Georgia when our house sells.

Chaos, turmoil, mayhem are good ways to describe the house right now. I have had painters in and outside the house for a few weeks putting on a fresh coat of paint, making little repairs while I depersonalize (as the real estate profession likes to call it). All of it is to make it appear that no humans with personality live in what is still my home.

To ease this distress I have been taking photos of my house. These vignettes confirm who the family is that lives here. I need these.

I have assembled some very simple collages of the interior and exterior. Clearly the inside reflects our individual personalities and the love we have for each other. The outside reflects the passion we have had in planting and nurturing our green children. Each plant photo is of somebody we brought into our garden. Each poster, painting, and souvenir inside is a part of something that has made us who we are.

There are good memories in every home. And there will be good memories in the next one too.

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Beth,It seems you've been able to carve treasure out of the mayhem. These vignettes of your home both indoors and out have so much heart–and the way in which you've put them together reminds me of quilts.

Isn't it ironic that we must DE-personalize our homes so that someone else can personalize it? Your home is lovely, but this realtor-enforced mentality is probably good evidence that our time here in any home is transitory. I think that's the full moon talkin. Pardon my melancholy.

It all makes me rather melancholy. The fresh paint looks so nice, even though it is neutral, and you both know I love COLOR. I was delusional thinking when the painters finished everything in a room would be touched up and complete…not. I did write an email to my son telling him we were training to be missionaries and were going to New Guinea to work with cannibals. I finally confessed it was all creative writing since I hadn't been painting and needed an outlet. I laughed the whole time I was creating our new life. Thank you guys!

I take comfort in looking at clean orderly places, but that is now how we live, everyone has small projects and neglected areas, unfinished art in process, office spaces, altars and shrines to creativity I call them!Besides that, I am a Realtor too…so I understand plenty the chaos of creative spirit, and I wish for you serenity and joy, a moment at a time. I like your space in here 🙂

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