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Last Day to Register

Don’t forget to register today for the Pocket Change Artist Trading Card Exchange. This exchange is a lovely coming together of the art, the illustration¬† and the art therapy communities. The postman has already delivered packages with artwork from two countries.

Artist Trading Card
Artist Trading Card

Please click on the link above for more information. The deadline is today to register. Create 4 cards, mail them by January 30 and we do the rest. Gretchen Miller and Hannah Hunter and yours truly will send you a packet of cards to inspire your life in a small but sincere way.

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Hi, I actually registered a couple of days ago. The rules say to keep it 2-d but crochet, embroidery, etc is okay. Would small beads on the cards make them too thick?

I’m having fun setting up my bead business! I’ll probably be consulting you as the pro on some things! Hope all is well in your world! Give me a call sometime!


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I have been following the posts of your beading. Your work is so wonderful I am glad you are continuing to create and getting it out there. Thank you for signing up. We have people in Italy, New Zealand, Canada and of course the good old USA participating. The beads will be fine, as long as they can be mailed safely. I have received some packages with lots of tissue to protect the work. It is so fun to see them. I can’t wait to see what you make. I am going to scan all of them so they can be shared on line with an ezine after the project is complete. Hope all is well.

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