Good-Bye “Good-Bye Lady”

The “Good-Bye Lady” now has a home in California. She will not be returning from her west coast debut. Somebody liked her enough to offer her a new home with a check attached. I am so fond of this painting, she is very autobiographical, waving good-bye to her farm and farmer. My friends in Florida tended me as good friends and farmers do.

They made sure I had lots of nurturing.

It is sad to see your spot in book club, the one you co-founded with your good buddy ten years ago, taken by a new member. It is sad to know your spot in the car for the annual trip to the antique barns will be filled by someone else. It is sad to know you can’t do a sneak birthday attack on a friend’s special day.

However, the time together, when it comes, will be sweeter than ever. The hugs will have new meaning, the cups of coffee more conversation, and the glasses of wine will be raised to enduring friendship.

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