Rommel - Puppies - 18 x 12
Puppies, the Ming Dogg Dynasty Continues. Mixed media on paper. 18″ x 24″. $600.
Rommel - Ming Dogg - 18 x 12
Ming Dogg. 18″ x 24″. mixed media on paper. $600.
rescue dog, latex, acrylic, Frisbee, mixed media
Ming Dogg’s Frisbee. 36″ x 24″ mixed media. $1950.
Rommel - Le Lapin - 36 x 24
Le Lapin. 36″ x 24″. Mixed media on cradled canvas. $1950.



Under painting is the foundation of all of Beth’s pieces. She likes to work with complimentary colors to see the strength of each hue. How they react to each other, how they portray a mood, and how they affect the viewer are key to her choices. Using many containers of latex paint, several brushes, and a bucket of water she begins building the painting. Some music helps too.

Once the raw painting is on canvas she begins to add detail with acrylics to get a punch of strong accent color. The finishing touches are then drawn with charcoal and pastels. A line can be drawn to direct the viewer’s eye. This is where Beth evaluates what is the dominant section of the painting. If it is not what she wants she will add some charcoal lines to redirect the viewer to see what she wants them to see first.