On a beautiful day like the one that is unfolding outside I think of the fall foliage that has appeared in my paintings over the years.

Here in the commissioned Admired Woman the orange leaves are against the blue sky. This is the use of complementary colors. Setting orange against blue makes them each appear brighter. If you look at my paintings you will see I use this technique quite a bit. I love the brightness of color.

In the portrait of Scratch I used the fall leaves as a way to frame her. The sun was shining on her as she sat in front of the glass door.

acrylic 20″ x 16″
copyright 2012 ECR

To finish the lesson on complementary colors I would like to point out the pop that occurs when red and green are next to each other.

acrylic 18″ x 24″
copyright 2012 ECR

Yellow and violet finish the brief lesson when we talk about primary colors and their complements.

copyright 2012 ECR

The primaries are red, yellow and blue. Colors cannot be mixed to create them.

And now you know all about their complements, as opposed to compliments like,”Wow Beth I learned a lot from your wonderful blog.”

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