Coming Home and Visiting Kirby

The glitter addiction is continuing in the studio.

This is our friend Kirby. Honorable pug and all around nice guy. We visited yesterday so he could model for me. He is a good boy. He smiled, he posed, he napped and best of all he didn’t chase the UPS truck when he had the chance.

I have just returned from a trip to Atlanta to survey neighborhoods we would like to settle in. We are moving to the area once we sell our home in Florida.

Looking at the very cute bungalows (translate small) and ranch style homes (translate, we have lived in ranch homes and know we will need to do a lot of updating) I realize what a great house we have.

Several years ago we added a large studio and patio so I could enjoy the tropical garden filled with hummingbirds and butterflies and the woods that give me total privacy in my hidden art world. How will I find that again?

Sigh…I may have to muster the strength to create another, but there will never be another like this. The fountain has provided water for squirrels, birds, and lizards and soothed a ragged soul plenty of times. The patio has hosted numerous coffees and glasses of wine. This space is my safe harbor, my artist studio, my retreat, my sanctuary. I will miss it very much.

But the art comes from within so will be with me wherever I go.

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HI Beth! Kirby is great 😀 I wanted to answer your question about the pendants. These are of my artwork that I ordered from Kelly Berkey. Actually I give her link on the post before the one you read. She sent me one as a gift and I liked it so much, that I ordered some from her to try my hand at jewelry. It's so fun, but I really don't know much what I'm doing, and I don't like that–I like to be more knowledgeable about my art when I make it to sell to people–you know what I mean? I'm just going to have to learn all about jewelry and it's components if I really want to get into it–but it is fun!

You, my friend, will no doubt create your own sanctuary wherever you land. And it will be dusted with glitter and full of love and art. Thank you for keeping up with your blog in the midst of your chaos. It's a beautiful thing. Don't think that your efforts go unnoticed just bcse peeps don't respond. Bless you. MK

What a wonderful portrait you created of Kirby–a combination of art and soul. As your friend MK said–kudos for keeping up this blog in the midst of transition. I have every confidence that you will find exactly the right space for you, your family and your art. It already exists and is waiting for you–and you are on a treasure hunt to find it!

Thank you Dianne I will check Kelly Berkey. Your curiosity has led you down many creative paths and successfully. Thank you MK and Hannah for the pats on the back. You are both so busy I appreciate your comments.

I am sorry you have to give up your sanctuary, but like you said, your art and also your spirit come from within and will be with you wherever you go. You will soon find the perfect place to spread your glitter around. (I have this vision of you blessing your new space with glitter.) Keep us posted!

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