What a wonderful weekend being in the great west in Colorado. The mountains in the distance covered in snow so incredibly majestic. The mountains close-up spirited with streams and rocks and boulders. Could there be any more of a contrast than being in Florida and being in Colorado? I was refreshed and filled up by the beauty and family (can’t wait for M to join us there) time away from the technology that intrudes daily/hourly.
SO there was time to think about the next mission. Carrying on with the grey gesso and white patterns. Using more realistic still lives and subjects to work off of. Also Melvin is back on the drafting table. Beginning to paint and repaint his pages. A suggestion by B to bring him out and maybe add a doll to his publishing future. Must check into self publishing the fact that he has to overcome a problem or social ill is the feedback I have received from the professionals. I know as a parent and librarian for elementary children that there is a place for a nice story in every child’s life. A comfort not a conflict is like a little prayer. More on Mel later.

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