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Cats and More Cats

Several weeks ago I attended the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference here in Atlanta. One of the offerings was to have a portfolio review. I packed up photos of my paintings and recent work to show. A very nice gentleman from New York was there to share some of the mysteries of the publishing world and to look at countless images brought by hopeful artists.

Since I have not asked if it is okay to use his name I will only tell you that his publishing house is Abrams Books. He was so generous in time and kind words.

I showed him a reproduction of Timmy Felt an Unsettling Presence.

Timmy Felt an Unsettling Presence
Timmy Felt an Unsettling Presence

He encouraged me to work more in this style. More cat pictures was a suggestion.

Micecopyright ECR 2013
copyright ECR 2013

If you have a cat you probably also have a million of these little toy mice. You probably also step on them in the night in the dark or find them behind the bathroom door when you think you are alone.

Sleepcopyright ECR 2013
copyright ECR 2013

If you have a cat you have probably also known they were sitting beside you in the dark staring at your face waiting for your eyes to open.

If you have read this blog for very long you also know I had a great deal of fun painting these pictures. That was what the wise man from Abrams Books was suggesting. Have fun, enjoy your work. Brilliant!


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Yes, there are many little toy mice about – better than finding the real thing.

It’s wonderful that you’re having fun painting these – they are fun to see. I especially like the very alert eyes on your cats!

I love these paintings — they are so much fun! And I agree with Katherine: the eyes are very expressive! šŸ™‚

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