Memorial Flowers

morgan flowers
Morgan’s flowers

My dear friends have sent me lovely bouquets of flowers since my mother’s passing in mid-March. Their love arrived in long boxes filled with buds of promise. I trimmed their stems as my mother taught me. Put them in a vase of water with the magic powder to prolong their blooming lives. It was a tender time. The hopeful colors sat tight and patient. Time passed and they opened with optimism to share their beauty and to be the best they could be. So like all of us.

How could I thank my friends for the loving feelings they sent and to tell them how much they meant to me? I created a small painting for each of them.

Mahin orchid copy
Mahin’s orchid
Pixie bouquet
Kimberly flowers
Kimberly’s roses

The outpouring of support and love has touched me. The cards which sit by my placemat and napkin at the kitchen counter are a stack of love and hugs from miles away.

Thank you  my dearest friends and family. xo

What is Art For?

I have been attending an on-line class taught by artists Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple. A year’s adventure with artists from across the world.

Today, fellow artist, Kristel posted a delightful video entitled What is Art for?

The people from The Book of Life, have illustrated what it is all about.

I will try to distill the five points with my own art, but I recommend you watch the video, for a few minutes of humor and clarity.

1. Art Keeps us Hopeful – beauty gives us reason to be hopeful.

Lady of the Stars
Lady of the Stars

2. Art Makes Us Less Lonely – we all have pain and can share that knowledge with art.

Broken Heart Lady
Broken Heart Lady

3. Art Rebalances Us – we are counter balanced with what we need through art.


4. Art Helps us to Appreciate “Stuff” – glamor returns to its rightful place in art.

Family on Birthday Card
Family on Birthday Card

5. Art is Propaganda for What Really Matters – it energizes us for what matters most.

The House at Normandy, on Omaha Beach
The House at Normandy, on Omaha Beach

This video was so clear and helpful in presenting the values that all artists hope to share. So, if you ever wondered, “What is Art for?” tune in to the video.