Moving Forward with New Work

Dog, dog walk, parks, wildflowers, bluebonnets

If you follow my Facebook page at Beth Rommel Studio you are well aware that I have welcomed spring with several new paintings.

I am thoroughly enjoying using latex paint, acrylics, pastels and charcoal for my new creations. These are large canvases that can add “oomph” to any room.

dog, walking the dog, mixed media, city life
Morning Walk, mixed media, 40″ x 30″

Good dog Joe and his person get their morning walk before a busy day. The brush strokes remind me of Bargello needlework. The strokes runs in a zig zag pattern as do Bargello stitches. Wild flowers including my dear Texas bluebonnets grow on the path where Joe gets his daily constitutional.

Dog, dog walk, parks, wildflowers, bluebonnets
Joe’s Walk, mixed media, 36″ x 24″

Joe takes himself for a walk in the wooded park area. This technique of light over dark paint has created the luminous quality of pastels. I have enhanced that even more by using pastels and charcoal throughout.

I began developing this technique with still life paintings.

still life, flowers, full moon, mixed media, art paintings for sale
Full Moon Bouquet, 20″ x 16″, mixed media.

I now have a page on the Xanadu Gallery website in Scottsdale, Arizona. The new March catalog is now on-line and in print. My work can be see on page 14. Some of you have expressed your joy in the Big Cat painting. I chose to share it in this issue.

2129 Miles: Coal Trains, Sunflowers, Buttes, and Miles of Miles of Texas

The end of the summer spirit has arrived. The youngest child has returned to college so the nest is empty again.

Said child and I drove 2129 miles from Oviedo, Florida to Golden, Colorado. We had impromptu stops in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Colleyville, Texas to see old friends.

These visits put my life in perspective. The friendships I have been fortunate enough to have have been wonderful gifts. I miss my friends and am so grateful N.W. is a patient son and was willing to indulge my whims to drop by the homes of these great people. The welcomes and smiles were invaluable. Thank you Liz, Laura, and Patty for this.

The time N.W. and I spent driving, reading, listening to Garrison Keillor, listening to music (my intensive lesson in new music, I gained some new favorites) and plotting our next food stop was a lot of fun.

There were laughs along the way: Buc-ees, Kevin Greene in a song, the La Quinta in Amarillo, squeezing the sign in to the backseat of the car, and the hurricane that didn’t.

There was so much great food in Baton Rouge at Acme Oyster Bar, beignets in the morning, the Flying Biscuit breakfast in Gainesville, Au Petit Paris in Houston, breakfast in a roadside diner in New Mexico and finally Pei Wei and Jimmy Johns in Golden. We decided to pass on the camo caramel popcorn at Buc-ees between Houston and Dallas.