Birds and Brides

The studio/gallery where my work is displayed, Gallery on First, has a very cool Vendo-Art machine. You can find them scattered around the country in different art venues. They are old cigarette machines that have been recycled to dispense wooden blocks that have been decorated by artists. The token to pay with is $5.00.
One of our responsibilities as artists in this gallery is to keep the machine filled with original art. All proceeds go to print invitations for openings or purchase refreshments. It has worked very well.
I have a small following of people who like my little blocks. One woman came to find me and asked when I would paint more of them. Another bride to be cautiously entered my studio. She said she was using the blocks I had painted for gifts for her bridesmaids. I have never been more flattered.

It has been a long time

It has been such a long time…I have since moved into a space at Gallery on First in Sanford, FL. A place to work and show the work. People come through to see the art in the main gallery, Jeanine Taylor Folk Art, then find themselves wandering the perimeter to see the studios and working artists. Seems like a win win. I am sharing the space with Dan Tashlin, a very talented realist painter. Who is also a very nice man. The other artists are very supportive and have made me feel very welcome. Their families have even stopped in Studio 3 to say hello and introduce themselves.
I have done some new work being in this energy filled place. And somehow I have found myself back with the fat ladies on the beach. I am doing small paint sketches and working toward some larger pieces for the opening on June 6 where we all show our new work that has been hidden from the public during its creation.