Layers and Layers

Since I last wrote my studio has become a laboratory of experimentation.

My treasure trove of collage pieces has found its way to new canvas and wood panels. Maps, wrapping paper, ticket stubs, tissue dress patterns, string, architecture text books, all torn and carefully glued.

mixed media, home, mountains, Beth Rommel, family, love, joy, friends
Home is Where affection Calls, 20″ x 16″, High Country Art Gallery – Blue Ridge, GA

Extra house paint, latex, is painted and rubbed on top of the texture.

Step back.


Change the music.


Look some more.

Acrylics, pastels, charcoal over it all.

These new pieces can all be see at High Country Art Gallery in Blue Ridge, GA. More experiments are stirring in the studio with subject matter such as whales, turtles, horses, and insect life. Stay tuned.

Art Classes and Inspiration

I have been so blessed in being able to take classes taught by Carla Sonheim and last year in conjunction with Lynn Whipple.

This year I have learned even more techniques.

Tiger Walking, pastel and ink
Gorilla sketches, ink and charcoal.

Some of the lessons have been flashbacks to college while others are very imaginative and really get the creative gusto going.

Picasso study on my drafting table.
Picasso study.

You never know how another person’s mind is working. It is fun to see what Carla Sonheim is cooking up for her students every other week.

Flying Person, watercolor, medium, charcoal.
Cut paper, watercolor, charcoal.

A little inspiration from other artists is always welcome. Stirring the pot that is my brain usually results in surprises.

Still life. Watercolor, acrylic, pencil.

The surprises have become something I look forward to daily. What will come from my hand, heart and brain today with the nudge of an art class for inspiration.

How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

This winter has been bitterly cold for some of you folks. It has been cold in Atlanta (12 degrees today plus wind), but we have nothing like the feet of snow piled at some of your doors. The lack of sunshine often brings on the winter blues for some.

Each new year I begin with a project or class to refocus my attitude and give me a case of anything but the blues.

This year I am taking an on-line class led by artists Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple. Last year I took a class with Carla on drawing faces.

Ink painted with eye dropper.
Ink painted with eye dropper.

I lived in Orlando so was familiar with Lynn’s work having admired it in festivals and studio open houses.

What could be more perfect than a blend of the two?

We are in month two of a year’s study. This is pure unadulterated fun. No talent or experience required. There is a monthly discussion of art business if you are slanted in that direction.

Here are a few of the projects I have completed.

The first exercises were one liners or as we used to call them in school, gesture drawings.

Bird One Liner
Bird One Liner
Bird Overlay
Bird Overlay

A little collage fun followed the one liner drawings.

Collage with Family Photo.
Collage with Family Photo.

A combination of new materials was ahead with plexiglass lessons!

My bags are Packed.
My Bags are Packed.
A Bird in the Hand.
A Bird in the Hand.

My winter blues have been swept away with this art adventure. “All will be revealed” as the year rolls by. I challenge you to take a class, in person or on-line. It is a great reason to get up in the morning and have to show up. Blues be damned.