Makes Me Laugh

beach painting, acrylic painting, hand painted frame, children on beach, colorful art

Several years ago I painted this piece. When I finished it I laughed out loud.

This drowsy gal wakes from a sun induced nap to find her children are gone. Where in the heck are they? My solution to the mystery is what really made me laugh. Sound effect: evil cackle. We all need a little laugh now and then. Do you know where they are?



Landscapes of Summer

As summer sets in, the Georgia heat waves the air with exhaustion.

I retreat to my studio where colors and canvas wait.

While on a driving trip over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I stopped for the night in Fairhope, Alabama. I took some photos from Point Clear of Mobile Bay. They were my inspiration.

Mobile Bay, 6"x 6", $50.
Mobile Bay, 6″x 6″, $50.
Mobile Bay in the Sun, 6" x 6", $50.
Mobile Bay in the Sun, 6″ x 6″, $50.
Mobile Bay at Dusk, 6" x 6", $50.
Mobile Bay at Dusk, 6″ x 6″, $50.

Earlier in the summer I had the good fortune to be invited to Cashiers, NC. We hiked to see a waterfall. On the way we watched the white water on the rocks of the river.

Cashiers, NC, 6" x 6", $50.
Cashiers, NC, 6″ x 6″, $50.

I hope you are seeing great beauty this summer. Whether you travel or staycation enjoy.

Gina’s Beach

This year I accepted a commission to paint a place beloved by a lovely lady.  Her husband brought me photos of this place, their family at this place and their bicycle, in this place.

Months passed as I sketched, conferred,  and designed this piece. It was 30″ x 40″.

in the beginning...
in the beginning…

So here we go with the ground to build the painting on.

The beach is roughed in.
The beach is roughed in.

I am enjoying the light in the white oil paint.

Adding the life guard chairs and the hotel in the background.
Adding the life guard chairs and the hotel in the background.
Looks like some people on this beach.
Looks like some people on this beach.

The family is appearing on the canvas as they take in a day at the beach.

Now the feline friends.
Now the feline friends.

How to present the cat that is living and a representation of the ones who are not?


The family pets who have passed away are hidden in the clouds. The water takes on more color. The blue walkway and grasses move in as the kitty in the foreground takes shape.

The family is painted in on their blanket and on the skim boards.
The family is painted in on their blanket and on the skim boards.

The photos for this painting were taken around 20 plus years ago so this is a compilation of memories and images. The pink bicycle has moved to the other side of the canvas.

The hotel has taken on color and landscaping.
The hotel has taken on color and landscaping.

This was a wonderful experience. We printed note cards so there would be a way to share the image.

Thank you dear friends for this opportunity.

It has been a long time

It has been such a long time…I have since moved into a space at Gallery on First in Sanford, FL. A place to work and show the work. People come through to see the art in the main gallery, Jeanine Taylor Folk Art, then find themselves wandering the perimeter to see the studios and working artists. Seems like a win win. I am sharing the space with Dan Tashlin, a very talented realist painter. Who is also a very nice man. The other artists are very supportive and have made me feel very welcome. Their families have even stopped in Studio 3 to say hello and introduce themselves.
I have done some new work being in this energy filled place. And somehow I have found myself back with the fat ladies on the beach. I am doing small paint sketches and working toward some larger pieces for the opening on June 6 where we all show our new work that has been hidden from the public during its creation.