Makes Me Laugh

beach painting, acrylic painting, hand painted frame, children on beach, colorful art

Several years ago I painted this piece. When I finished it I laughed out loud.

This drowsy gal wakes from a sun induced nap to find her children are gone. Where in the heck are they? My solution to the mystery is what really made me laugh. Sound effect: evil cackle. We all need a little laugh now and then. Do you know where they are?



Vermilion One Piece in the Dark Palette

The color from last week’s palette could only be called vermilion. This is defined by Infoplease as a chemical compound of mercury and sulfur, red sulfide of mercury. Wow sounds hot, like this beach babe. Other words like salmon swam through my mind, but they could not come close to this woman’s suit. Funny how the reds and oranges could blend together without a human hand and become such a beautiful bright color. What happens on a palette when the lights are turned out and the artist goes to bed?