It took a family effort.

I am now having fun getting ready for the approaching Spring for Handmade Art sale at Artistree Co-op on March 27. This fishy character is one of several in the process of becoming a niftyartgirl original. I was in a slump as far as creating some new images. My son was home for a few days. Yesterday he spent the afternoon working on a wooden sign for his fraternity in my studio. Having his energy and peaceful nature in the room with me was a catalyst to creating again. The sense of humor my family has shared for generations woke up again.
Look for this new cast of characters and their pithy sayings at this fun outdoor event in College Park. I will post several on etsy in a few weeks also.

Moved to Artistree Co-op

Still dragging the fish out of the water. She is now mounted on a 9″x 8″ piece of wood that has been covered in imported paper. A piece of plexiglass nailed in place with silver nailheads protects the painting. She will be seen soon at Artistree Co-op at 1600 Edgewater Drive in College Park. I moved some paintings and stationery to the shop yesterday where it shares space with Infusion Tea and Organic Cafe. Drop by for a snack and to see the art, jewelry, pottery, and all sorts of creative things.