Art Classes and Inspiration

I have been so blessed in being able to take classes taught by Carla Sonheim and last year in conjunction with Lynn Whipple.

This year I have learned even more techniques.

Tiger Walking, pastel and ink
Gorilla sketches, ink and charcoal.

Some of the lessons have been flashbacks to college while others are very imaginative and really get the creative gusto going.

Picasso study on my drafting table.
Picasso study.

You never know how another person’s mind is working. It is fun to see what Carla Sonheim is cooking up for her students every other week.

Flying Person, watercolor, medium, charcoal.
Cut paper, watercolor, charcoal.

A little inspiration from other artists is always welcome. Stirring the pot that is my brain usually results in surprises.

Still life. Watercolor, acrylic, pencil.

The surprises have become something I look forward to daily. What will come from my hand, heart and brain today with the nudge of an art class for inspiration.

Studio Time Available or a Room with a View

This fall I am offering studio time for aspiring and already there artists. As the weather becomes what Florida is all about: cool, clear and inviting we begin to think about gifts for the holidays. There is always the thought that this year I will make something for my friends and family. Weeks go by and it is Thanksgiving and time is flying by. Next thing you know you are in a mall trying to figure out what can I buy Aunt Myrtle when she already has everything and doesn’t like anything or anybody anyway.
My studio and I can offer you:
New and clean workspace.
Natural light.
Outdoor paved patio.
New Orleans coffee or herbal tea.
Library of art books and magazines for inspiration.
A turntable so you can choose your own tunes to work by.
Tricks and techniques from a professional artist.
Flexible schedule to suit your needs.

You bring the materials and ideas, I provide the expertise and help you achieve beautiful results.
For $20 per hour you will get all of the things mentioned above, plus the satisfaction of producing an original gift, something that will be treasured and kept much longer than a Santa tie or an argyle sweater.
To set up a time contact me through my website at or email me at