Alyson Stanfield finances

Get to the Meat of it

Time to evaluate finances in my blast off class taught by Alyson Stanfield, art marketing coach and all around guru. As in my painting this is like dragging a big fish ashore. Not really pleasant, not really fun, but to get to the meat of it you need to do it.

Albert Einstein Alyson Stanfield Art House Co-op

Albert had a way with words as well as with physics

Alyson Stanfield’s blast off class has begun. My eyes are already opening to the enormous job I have ahead if I am going to pursue what I really want. However that makes this more exciting, there is a path and I can follow it. Just need to find it.
Alyson left us with a brilliant quote from Albert Einstein,
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Albert, you had it going on.
Copyrighted Image from Beth Rommel’s entry to Art House Co-op’s moleskine project 2009

Alyson Stanfield

Stay or go?

When I took the blogging class taught by Alyson Stanfield this summer we had an assignment to write a list of future topics to blog about. I tried to look forward and see what issues I would be facing as the months rolled by. To stay or to go from my public studio was a topic I listed. I am at that point now. I have stewed over this and come to the conclusion that it is better to move back to my home studio. I have learned so much being in the public space with other artists. I have also learned my audience is in a different part of the city. The drive to the small town is more than many are able to schedule in their days with children and full calendars. I understand it is a fun destination for a day trip, but a drop-in on the spur of the moment is not possible for my clients who live at least 30 minutes and a freeway away. At the end of the month I will pack up my supplies, furniture, and paintings and come home. It will be a sad time to leave great people and a little town trying so hard to become an artist community. It will also be possible to refocus on one workspace, my on-line presence, and the quiet of my empty nest.