Back on Track

When I write my blog I always post a photo of something I have been working on or a little reminder of something I have seen. Looking around the studio I am at a loss as to what I should show you, what illustrates the last month and a half?

This has been a recurring issue which is why I have not written lately.

This morning I read photographer Dianne Poinski’s blog post and my gears started turning. Like clockwork Dianne and Hannah Hunter’s posts show up in my email.

I have never met Dianne in person, but I feel I know her though her beautiful photographs and reading the ins and outs of her creative days.

I have met Hannah. Her artwork goes straight to my soul. Often that is where we start our weekly phone calls, our artwork.

I can rely on these ladies.

Today Dianne wrote about her quest for simplicity and deliberate conscious living. Thank you Dianne for mentioning your deletion of certain organizations from your inbox.

The emails from groups and companies I don’t want in my life are enough to send my brain off the rails. The distraction is waiting for me daily. Gratefully I have never been a fan of web surfing or game playing.
There is too much waiting for me in the studio, something tangible. My often torturous Puritan work ethic requires I have something to show for my hours.

Actually, I have been busy.

  1. Writing and painting George Washington’s story in a new way for upper elementary readers.
  2. Looking for a publisher for the aforementioned George.
  3. Adding to my series of flying people.
  4. Moving artwork to Wild Oats and Billy Goats Gallery in Decatur, GA.
  5. Starting a part-time job for a life coach. (Naturalrhythms)
  6. Walking, doing yoga
  7. Meeting new people and developing wonderful friendships.
  8. Practicing portraits. 
  9. Watering the tomatoes.
  10. Feeding the cats.

So I am going to make a promise to get my blog posts back on track. I want to be the blogger you can rely on for pithy phrases and artwork.

Welcome back.

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Thank you for what you wrote Beth! Like Katherine said, you have been busy! I am glad you included your list. You should feel good about all you are doing. I too feel a connection to you and often wish you could join me and Hannah when we get together. (Not sure if I ever properly thanked you for the "gift of Hannah"! I am very grateful you noticed we were in the same area and urged her to come to one of my open studios. THANK YOU!)Anyway, let's support each other so we can get back to what is important. Some days it may not be our art and that's ok. As long as it feels right, that is all that matters. (Sorry about the long comment!)

I would add to pithy that your writing is authentic, well considered, and thoughtful. I always appreciate your POV. Glad you're back to blogging my friend!

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