Making a habit part of a routine is going to take practice. That is where we are in our blast off class today. IF you read this blog you will know I am inconsistent in posting. I will promise you, shoot I said promise, a woman of my word I now have to do it, I promise I will post three times per week.
I have invited my classmates to send me their blog addresses by commenting on my blog. Stay tuned for web addresses from some very talented artists. This group is spread world-wide and represents many different styles and messages.
Busy day ahead, wish I had wings like the angel to the left, must run to interview with an artists co-op in our fair city, the City Beautiful, Orlando. Tonight is Alive At Five a street party event in Sanford. I think I will go visit the artists I used to spend time with at Gallery on First. By the way there were four of us from the Gallery on First who were chosen to exhibit at the juried member show (which closes tomorrow night). There were two awards given to members of this group also, your trusty blog author and Aurore Brunet who won a third place.
Stay tuned and stay fit with, another blog I follow.

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Love this painting! I'm in your blast-off class and admire your work very much! Your style is similar to mine and very fun! I don't have a web site or a blog yet-I'll comment on Allyson's blog and we can connect…Thanks for inspiring…JOY

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