9" x 12", acrylic and gloss medium on paper
“Guardian Day 4″ 9″ x 12” acrylic and mixed media on paper $75.00

You know that I like challenges. The 100 day challenge from last year turned into a 156 day challenge.

This is a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I am starting on Day 4 so will need to either continue past the official date or get some extras in.

My theme will be an extension of the Guardians. I began painting this subject before the holidays. You can see where it all began on my facebook page  Beth Rommel Studio I now want to see what can happen if I focus and experiment within these parameters.

  1. Paint and mixed media
  2. Guardians, protectors, guardian angels
  3. Wood, canvas and paper substrate
  4. One a day for 30 days

Thank you for meeting me here. Happy New Year to all.