I wonder who has domesticated who. Did we train these pets that we house and feed and love; or did they have the upper hand and train us to be their loyal keepers.

This has been a focus of my art.

Morning Walk also
Morning Walk. 40″ x 30″. $2900. Mixed Media

Dear Ming Dogg has his “master” wrapped around his little paw as they amble out for a morning walk before the work day begins.

rescue dog, latex, acrylic, Frisbee, mixed media
Ming Dogg’s Frisbee. 36″ x 24″ mixed media. $2395.

A little exercise for Ming Dogg with his favorite Frisbee. The work day is complete but “the dog” should have some time out of doors. Regardless of the heat, the cold, the rain, sounds like the postal service, our pets must stick to their routine.

Our four legged children, the fur children, have trained us well. I love love our cat and adored our plethora of pets over the years. A chicken named J.J. I rescued at the farm, a duck named Waddles I caught at the Easter Egg Hunt, cats a many, unwanted dogs from the pound, and those poor gerbils that our Dalmatian was always able to find. That is a story for a psychologist’s couch, how traumatized was I by Ping Pong’s ability to rescue his family from rodents.




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