Portrait of Buzz

Our son has a new member of his family, the adorable Buzz. A yellow lab puppy who is charming and wonderful. He joined us at Christmas in Decatur this year.

I was hoping Will would enjoy the gift I made for him.

Beginning. 24″ x 36″
I see a dog in there.
It looks like a yellow lab.
Sweet boy needs toys.
Good boy Buzz.

5 thoughts on “Portrait of Buzz

  1. Beth,

    Happy Birthday today or tomorrow! I am so sorry that I missed you!! Hope all is going well!

    Much love,


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  2. Beth!
    I’m so sorry!! Last year sounded unreal with your Mom and the accident. Now, Van is going through chemo? Oh, my goodness. Please keep me updated, when you can. I love your work! Love to you!

  3. Beth,

    I love it! Your pet portraiture has always been wonderful and so expressive of the pet’s spirit. You just keep getting better and better at capturing their preciousness. Buzz is enchanting. Happy New Year. Hope this one is a great one. So impressed!!

    1. HI Cathy! I hope you are well and have had a good start to the year. We just had a class to learn about chemo, my spouse is about to start treatment. Last year was pretty awful, we are looking toward better times. xoxo

      1. Beth,

        I hope that you got my response. I sent it to niftyartgirl. I’m so sorry to hear about the latest situation. This is not the place to discuss it, I realize. Hope you will let me know how you both are doing. Good grief. You’ve had your share of trials, lately.

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