100 Day Project

Some of you may be following me on twitter or facebook so this is old news, however if you do not, I am participating in a 100 Day Project sponsored by The Great Discontent. 100 days of making, showing up and sharing on Instagram.

I chose 100 days of watercolor and began with a subject dear to my heart. Horses!

Day 1

Day 1

Time for something a little more traditional. Flowers.

Day 2

Day 2

I was really having fun with people so made a trip back to their world.

Day 3

Day 3

Maybe make them my special people, thin people.

Day 4

Day 4

Day 5

Day 5

and so it goes…

Day 6

Day 6 sold

Because this a new medium for me I am offering all of these watercolors, in their various sizes for $15.00 plus shipping. Yes, $15.00 for an original painting, not a print. Many of them have been sold so if you see one you like message me and reserve it for a gift to yourself or someone else. You can follow me on instagram and facebook at BethRommelStudio or on twitter as Beth Rommel.

2 thoughts on “100 Day Project

  1. Hannah

    Beth, I’m so glad you’ve taken this on. It’s seems like it’s given you a chance to broaden your audienceand ability to cover a range of subjects in a lovely, intuitive manner with your trademark sense of humor!


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