Portrait of Home

Home Sweet Home

I was commissioned to do a painting of a home. The painting is for a realtor to give a client as a thank you gift.

The home I painted is the one the family is leaving behind in the northeast. They loved this house so much.

Watercolor of Home copyright ECR 2014
Watercolor of Home
copyright ECR 2014

Having never met the owner of this precious house I didn’t know what style they might like.

I had a little extra time so did another one that would reflect my sometimes quirky style.

Acrylic Painting of Home copyright ECR 2014
Acrylic Painting of Home
copyright ECR 2014

I had a wonderful time painting these and experimenting with two different looks.

The first one, the watercolor is the one that was chosen. It is framed and ready to go.

Hope they like it.


Texas My Texas

Most of you know I have a long history with the great state of Texas.

My children were born in San Antonio.

I lived in Texas longer than any other state.

My father and his side of the family were from Texas. Cowboys and colorful types pepper the family.

A friend in Atlanta asked me to create a painting for her husband. They were originally from Texas and were moving to Washington state. She wanted a little Lone Star color to take along.

I included a building she loved from her Dallas days, added some Texas souvenirs; an armadillo, a Dr. Pepper, and a longhorn or two. Of course the sunset is burnt orange because, as legend has it, God is a Longhorn (as in University of Texas alumnus).

Texas My Texas for Sandy
Texas My Texas for Sandy

I have also added an oil rig and oil well, Big Tex from the state fair, bluebonnets, the Mobile Pegasus and lyrics from Deep in the Heart of Texas.

New Orleans is my hometown and will always be in my heart, but Texas is who I am. Say what you want, there is no more optimistic and hospitable place on the planet. If you have a dream you are encouraged to “go for it”. If you need help there are large hearts waiting to help you.

The states we have lived in each have their own strengths. Texas, however, has all of them. Texas, My Texas.