Please Put Down your Phones

My horoscope said to turn off email, facebook, etc.

I did.

I go to my dance class and people rush to their phones for water breaks. I go to a restaurant, everybody is on their phones. I stand in line at the grocery and the person in front of me is on the phone while the checkout lady looks on.

Come on folks, take a breath. Hang up the phone, nothing is so important that you must read it this second.

The time worn phrase, “what did our mothers do?” is so apropos. Shoot, what did we do?

Speak to the people around you, please no phones when you are talking to your loved ones, please no reading the computer screen when you are on the phone with your friends or loved ones. We can tell when you are.

You will be amazed how nice the people around you are. How much a little connection to a real warm breathing person can mean. Smile.

I was just doing some sketches of two people I have never met. Studying their faces was fascinating. How much eyes, noses and mouths speak without saying a word. On a cellphone you will never be able to hear it.

copyright ECR 2014
copyright ECR 2014

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12 thoughts on “Please Put Down your Phones

  1. There are so many people who don’t know how to do things without technology today. It’s rather sad.Yet there is also the fact that technology helps those in need to keep in contact with others, etc. It can still be taken way to far though and is a danger.I agree with you 100%! Anyway, great work!!!*HUGS*

    1. Thank you for that reminder. I guess those of us who still create art with their hands have a difficult time understanding the desire to be attached to a machine, she says as she types on her computer:)

  2. This is wonderful>just yesterday enjoyed time with a dear friend where the phones get put away – I especially like the expressions on these faces, the mouths and eyes say put the phone down….without saying a word > wonderful

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