Faces 101

This week I am taking an on-line class from Carla Sonheim.

It has been so much fun, Faces 101. We will create 101 faces by the end of the week. We have used a variety of materials and worked from different source material.

Watercolor and pencil
Watercolor and pencil

This was our first day’s project: watercolor and pencil…. painting little blobs for face and little blobs for hair then adding features. This was from our imagination.

Ink painted with eye dropper.
Ink painted with eye dropper.

Day 2 found us using an eye dropper and ink to draw a face from a photo or other source material.

Pencil and eraser.
Pencil and eraser.

Today was a fun scratchy pencil drawing where we removed pigment with eraser.

Pastel and eraser.
Pastel and eraser.

We finished today with using pastels and erasers, always fun to complete the class with color.

The classes are extremely reasonable, this one is $35. If you need a little creative recreation check out Carla Sonheim’s offerings.


3 thoughts on “Faces 101

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time Beth. I find the ink dropper portrait evocative…is she a self portrait? A lady from the 18th century? A model? I’m very curious about what she is looking at!

  2. So glad you had a good time Beth! I find the portrait with the ink dropper intriguing–is she an 18th century lady, a self portrait, a person who sat for you??? Very evocative.

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