Big Cats

For Christmas I wanted to give my daughter a painting of her cats, her big cats. She had wanted one for several years. The time was finally right. So I began with a large canvas, 30″ x 40″.

Step 1 for Big Cats
Step 1 for Big Cats

I painted the background with a yellow gold acrylic, just to get started. I sketched the cats in with a pencil then started using my oil paints.

Big Cats Step 2
Big Cats Step 2

The cats are the way I want them so it must be time to begin the background.

Big Cats Step 3
Big Cats Step 3

I began to tear paper and form what would represent an Oriental rug and feline pillows. This is a meditative process for me. Tearing and fitting and gluing. The piece presents itself and unfolds as I go.

Big Cats Step 4
Big Cats Step 4

The paper is on.

Mia and her Big Cats. copyright 2013
Mia and her Big Cats.
copyright 2013

The background colors have changed. The cats are touched up and given extra texture and color with a fan brush. A few toy mice and a piece of string are added to the composition.

2 thoughts on “Big Cats

  1. I can’t imagine anything better than a big cat painting from my mom. Mia is very lucky to have you as her mom; your love for her, for painting, for the cats radiates from the painting.

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