The View from Here

When I talk to somebody on the phone I always like to ask, “Where are you?”

I don’t mean to be nosy, I just like to picture the person I am talking to.

A dear friend called today to say she had received her copy of Melvin. She was at Publix. I could see her standing in the store stopped on an aisle on her cell phone.

So if you care to join me, I will show you where I am.

Closet door. Is your card there?
Closet door. Is your card there?

I look at this door from my desk where I sit at this computer.  My friend’s cards, people I would like to be friends with cards, postcards I adore, and wonderful illustrations from the Wall Street Journal fashion magazines. This is where I store canvas. Painted and unpainted. There are boxes and baskets with supplies of every description; mosaic tiles, beading materials, frames, collage papers, and glue glue glue!

If I go to my drafting table, where I draw, this is the view at this time of year.

Fall Trees Today
Fall Trees Today

I would love to show you some other things in the studio, but several of the things are surprises I am working on for Christmas commissions. Personally, I think this is one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give or receive. So after the holidays I will show you those.

On Saturday night we went to the Bard’s Bash at the Atlanta Zoo. This was my view from there.

Puddles the Clown
Puddles the Clown

You can check out his singing here. It was a most wonderful performance.

I hope the view from your Thanksgiving table is one of blessings and love.

4 thoughts on “The View from Here

  1. I very much enjoy seeing the view from your studio in Atlanta–love the door!
    It brings to mind lots of ideas about the words: view, viewpoint, vantage and vantage point…not to mention perspective. This is a rich subject…

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