Time to think about commissioning a holiday gift

As you know I have been working on a book that I wrote in 2001. I read it to my son’s fifth grade class, some friends, some family and a few children here and there.

This story has been sitting in a drawer for all of that time. I have even written sequels to it.

My little character has been waiting all of this time to come out and meet the world. He has watched as I painted portraits of people and pets. Watched as I painted saints and horses and flying people.

It is now his time. I have scheduled some commissions for Christmas giving so will have to work my little friend into the mix, but he is patient.

Tree Copyright ECR 2013
Copyright ECR 2013

If the “creek don’t rise” anymore than it already has, the book will be ready for Christmas giving. So if you have little people on your shopping list, ages three to five, please think of adding this sweet bedtime story to it.

If you would like a portrait of people, pet or home for holiday giving please let me know so I can add it to the schedule for fall artwork. If there is a piece you have seen here on my blog or on my website, http://www.niftyartgirl.com, and are considering it for a gift please contact me and I will give you the particulars. I would love to help make your shopping a little easier this year with a very personal gift from my studio.  I can also take credit cards to make things more convenient for you.

I will be back in two weeks with more information.

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