Don’t Read the Papers Today, or any Day for that Matter

I have been out of town for some family matters so have not picked up the newspaper nor watched the news on television for over a week.

This morning I flipped through the Houston Post. How could I not be disappointed by what the IRS has done. What the government has done. They have all let us down, so removed from the “flyover” states that most of us live in.

I was reminded of this mixed media piece I did several years ago.

If you are a Bad Person you are a Bad Person Alone
If you are a Bad Person you are a Bad Person Alone

A gentleman from Africa who did some work for my mother said that his father would say,” If you are a good person you are a person of the world. If you are a bad person you are a bad person alone.”

This piece, 24″ x 36″, bothered some of my viewers, maybe it hit too close to home.

I am guessing there are a lot of lonely people in D.C. and scattered throughout our IRS offices. I don’t want to be disappointed, but I am. Guess I should stop reading the papers again and be ignorant of what is going on. When I read and watch the news regularly it is from many sources so I can hear the slanted news from both directions. We should all be disappointed.

One thought on “Don’t Read the Papers Today, or any Day for that Matter

  1. I find watching the news to be upsetting to me personally and am much happier when I do not bother. Much newscasts are devoted almost exclusively to negative stories and shocking imagery-I have found. I do not really enjoy seeing countless stories about crime or illness or war. Every once in a while there maybe an uplifting piece-but to me it’s not worth it to watch 30 min to a hour highlighting the same terrible events over and over again to see a five second segment on something good say neighbors building a ramp for an older handicapped woman. The news is negative in this way, I guess to attract ratings and viewers-which does not say much about the united states people as a whole. I’m not sure if it was always this bad or not-but when i skip it i rarely feel like i am missing out….maybe ignorance is bliss?

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