An answer to a prayer

About a year ago I discovered an answer to a prayer.

I was trying to figure out how to get food to a relative in another city, actually another state halfway across the country. I had researched grocery delivery and restaurant delivery when I stumbled upon Yes, this is an endorsement! They have delivered prepackaged meals which were delicious, nutritious and reasonably priced to my loved one. From mushroom ravioli to osso buco to crab cakes to salmon to tomato basil bisque and various flatbreads to raspberry rhubarb pie and ricotta cheesecake.  My loved one, actually all of my loved ones are used to good quality and good tasting foods.

These are a huge hit. I really wish I had discovered this company when my children could have used some of their dear old mom’s cooking while in college.

With all of this in mind I did a little painting for I felt like the food magically showed up at the doorstep when I couldn’t be there to cook for my loved one.

Thank you
Thank you

If you are trying to find a way to send some delicious food to a loved one try them out. Whether it is an elderly person (like grandparents), a busy person who needs a hand (like our children with their first jobs or college schedules) or just somebody you want to do something nice for (like a friend, somebody having a birthday, a favorite teacher, or somebody who is ill) go to the website and create your own package or choose a bundle they have designed for all variety of tastes and dietary needs. It will arrive cold and ready for cooking or freezing.

Yum, getting hungry checking out their latest collection of meals.


2 thoughts on “An answer to a prayer

  1. This sounds wonderful! And leave it to you, Beth, to take generosity one step further and create a work of art honoring such a service. :0) Your painting is both cheerful and thoughtful.

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