Material Witness

Looking for a little social contact with women who have a common interest I  joined the Georgia chapter of Women’s Caucus for the Arts.  The recent meeting where we shared our artwork was wonderful. Several people mentioned creating work for an upcoming show entitled Material Witness.

This show is to bring attention to the alarming numbers of women and children being trafficked in the world. Atlanta is a capital for this activity.

Around the same time I had a meeting with  Michael Allen Austin who encouraged me to enter some illustration competitions. Michael is a very talented award winning artist whose work and opinions I respect. His work can be viewed here, I guarantee you will be wowed!

So the fire was lit. I took out a canvas and oil paint and got busy. The deadline was looming, 4 days. The ideas flowed.

Hung Out to Dry is the result of this confluence of ideas, meetings, and materials.

Hung Out to Dry. 16" x 20" oilcopyright ECR 2013
Hung Out to Dry. 16″ x 20″ oil
copyright ECR 2013

The houses and trees are sentinels in the background.

Detailcopyright ECR 2013
copyright ECR 2013

They have silently witnessed what has happened.

Detailcopyright ECR 2013
copyright ECR 2013

The girls innocence is portrayed in their white dresses. I believe the work speaks for itself so the less I write the better.




4 thoughts on “Material Witness

  1. Beth, this is a powerful painting. The freshness of the white dresses against the green grass suggests such innocence. Then, as I look closer at the women’s breasts and faces, the devastation of their experience is revealed.

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