Here they Come!

The Artist Trading Cards have begun to arrive at my door. Beside coming from all over the United States, they are arriving from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. More to arrive from other countries on the other side of the ocean. I will tell you about those as they arrive.

For now I will continue to post some of my own.

Life is a Special Occasion

Life is a Special Occasion

This is a combination of my image the “Stoyteller” based on the Southwestern American Indian dolls with the same name and a tagline from a Hallmark greeting card advertisement.



Some verbage from a beautiful calendar called Flowers of Friendship given to me by my friend MaryBeth. One of the birds is from a painting I did several years ago. My family was out of town and I was really missing them, hence the broken heart.

Broken Heart

Broken Heart

I was actually out of town last week. In Houston. The Portrait of Spain show from the Prado was at the Museum of Fine Arts so I used the opportunity to spend some time with my  mother as she used to do with us. Looking at the art treasures. This little card is a reminder of that outing.

The Prado visits Houston

The Prado visits Houston




2 thoughts on “Here they Come!

  1. Hannah

    It’s amazing how many stories that you can share in the small space of the trading card. I look forward to seeing future tales unfold. That storyteller lady!! I’m sure she has some up her sleeve!


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