Oh Timmy!

I have had an identity crisis of late.

For those of you who have read my blog since the beginning, 170 plus posts ago, you know that humor and bright colors have been an integral part of my work.

The House was Crooked
The House was Crooked

Last year with a personal challenge I set out to paint some portraits and what many would call “serious art”. The challenge was met and I achieved what I set out to do. There was no embarrassment in showing these pieces. They were well received.

Co-directors of World Shakespeare Project
Co-directors of World Shakespeare Project

So what is the identity crisis? I miss my humor, my colors, my niftyartgirl-ness. Is being taken seriously in my new city what I am striving for? Is being true to my goal of making people smile still my calling? Can I combine these and not have my website look like an old pick-up truck with parts from other vehicles?

Today was my Illustrator’s Group meeting. We are called Harold’s Friends after our host cat. The advice I lovingly received is to stay true to myself, let things evolve and listen to myself.

So I will proudly post this new piece I created before Christmas. It is 8″ x 10″, acrylic and ink on stretched canvas. The title is “Timmy Felt an Unsettling Presence”.

Timmy Felt an Unsettling Presence
Timmy Felt an Unsettling Presence

The work I did in 2012 is work I am very proud of.  I can pat myself on the back for achieving things I didn’t know were possible. These portraits will continue to be part of my repertoire, but they will not be the only thing I do. Niftyartgirl is still here in bethrommel. This is a settling presence to realize the two can coexist.

11 thoughts on “Oh Timmy!

  1. Beth, I love that you are constantly exploring your art in different ways! It all helps us to grow in everything we do. What I’ve always loved about your art is that you paint from your heart; family, pets, events (hurricanes..). All with a brightness and whimsy even if the subject matter is not. You should always follow your heart and your art will reflect it. I love this painting of Timmy, it reminds me of Harold (probably is)!

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thank you for the kind heartfelt comment. It was so good to talk to you today. Your beading is so beautiful I am glad it is finding its way out into the world. Thank you again!!!

  2. Beth, I love the contrast of the portraits you provide here: first the couple who lead the Shakespeare project, then Timmy and the cat. You contain and express both these parts of yourself with lots of skill and panache. And, if this post is any indication, your website will look gorgeous with both…

  3. Beth, you should be proud of all your explorations and creations last year. Such range and depth! I remember bursting into laughter when I first saw “Timmy” – love that piece. So happy to be on the journey with you…
    (I keep trying to leave a comment with my artsyletters.com i.d. but it keeps kicking me out… hmmmm.)

  4. You are an inspiration for all of us who struggle to figure out the right recipe for having a happy and satisfying career and life. The relationship art pieces that you did for me, make me happy every day. You are an amazing artist and forever nifty!

  5. The challenge to learn how to “stay true to myself” may be a life long pursuit, but I think it helps to move out of our comfort zone and try new things in order to gain clarity about who we are and what we want our art to be about. It sounds like that’s what you did in 2012. I love the portraits you shared, but your new piece brought a huge grin to my face. Thank you and Happy New Year Beth!

    1. Thank you Dianne. You inspired me with the 365 project. Your pursuit of being true to yourself seems to be evident in your beautiful body of work, so clearly your work through your eyes to your hand. I appreciate your encouragement. Happy New Year to you also:)

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