Visual Chaos

I have mentioned coining the phrase Visual Catalogue. It is the mental file of things we have seen.

The horses I paint or the human bodies I paint are often from memory. They are just sitting and waiting for me to remember them. They want me to give them a trip out into the world by way of paintbrush and canvas. These memories are the elements in my Visual Catalogue.

Sisters. There is no reference photo of this, it is from my Visual Catalogue.
24″ x 36″ oil

There is also Visual Chaos. It is the detritus that covers counters, studios, desks, and floors and keeps one from moving forward. Being a visual person and a neatnik I cannot work when there is a mess about.

Before I fix a meal I have to clean up the kitchen. That sounds counterproductive I know.

Before I can take out the paint and make little spots of color on a palette I have to clean up the studio. To put paint on a canvas? I know.

Vision board on easel. Painting niche by window.

But then, there is no distraction.

I was told once that a real artist could work in any environment. That negates the fact that artists are human, therefore unique in their approach. So to my friends who can work in what I call chaos, “more power to you”.  I just cannot work that way. I suppose it is the feeling that things are out of control.

It is time to get a little control and get to the easel.

A side note to the folks in the northeast who are trying to survive in the chaos hopefully there will be more power to you too. You are in our prayers.

7 thoughts on “Visual Chaos

  1. While I don’t paint, I do cook and the kitchen MUST be neat and clean. It’s not a food safety issue, although that’s important, but definitely the elimination of chaos to have the freedom to create.

  2. I too love the idea of a visual catalogue and combining it with a feelings catalogue will help you work with your clients to come up with a more meaningful piece of relationship art or vision board.

  3. Love the idea of a visual catalogue collecting images from childhood on from epiphanies to chance encounters. You’ve got me thinking about making own visual catalogue…

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