Often an artist creates a custom work for a client. That is also known as a commission.

I am happy to say that working with Margo Geller is making that a reality. She has written a great book called Love Club A New Approach to Business Marketing. I have also put a link in red on the right side of my blog. I highly recommend this book with its fresh approach to networking and marketing and working with people you like. Now that is a concept I can understand.

The most recent commission is called, “I Knew You When I Was Sixteen.” It is a large 3′ by 4′ canvas, painted in oils. It is bright and bold.

Nancy and Andy
“I Knew You When I Was Sixteen”
oil 36″ x 48″ copyright ECR 2012

I have been working on capturing the relationship between two people or a person and their pet. This is a portrait of the connection between Andy and Nancy who have known each other since they were sixteen. They have lived in Florida and in Georgia, hence the tropical foliage and fruit, both oranges and peaches. The skyline at the top of the canvas is the view from the terrace of their condominium. Nancy’s personality is that of a woman who likes to wear red and smile, Andy is protective, kind, and admiring.

It was a joy to create this painting to celebrate the relationship of these lovely people.

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