All of my paintings start with some sort of underpainting. This is coating a canvas with a color prior to the painting of an image. All further painting will be on top of that. Many artists use a soft beige color.

I use red.

The reason for this varies from artist to artist, I like to make a mark. A way to rid myself of the perfect white canvas staring back at me.

Also, I like the depth it adds to the colors I will paint next. A richness and fullness is imparted to them.

Some mornings I start with a day painted red. Everything that comes in the following hours adds depth.

3 thoughts on “Underpainting

  1. Congrats and Best Wishes on this new blog adventure! You know I’m with you travelling a similar path. ;0) I love that you use red for your underpaintings; it adds such a richness and life to your work.

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