detail of Admired  Woman's hand. Oil paint.
Detail from Admired Woman. copyright 2012 ECR


Now to get started on my new blog with its rather haughty subtitle.

Art is defined, in my words, as something that gives life quality. It touches the senses, the heart and the brain.

How it touches; in a gentle way, an abrasive way, or indescribable way is the viewer’s reaction. Your feelings are yours. You cannot change the way you feel. Those feelings can change over time with more information and more experience, but as they say, “You never know how you will feel until it happens to you.”

So let the art happen to you and see how you feel.

This is my next chapter in oil.

Admired Woman Margo Geller

Admired Woman

Admired Woman, copyright 2012 Beth Crews Rommel

I have set sail on a new course in my art career.

Margo Geller a longtime resident of the Atlanta area is now assisting me in marketing and business development. I will be making some announcements in the next week on what we have planned.

This painting is a preview of what is to come. This is a large gallery wrapped canvas, 30″ x 40″ in oil. I have waited to show any part of this piece until the new owner had it on her wall. It was done as a commission and the client wanted a surprise. The only known was it was to illustrate an “Admired Woman”. An emotion evoked.