Fish Move

Aquarium visit – pencil

Several weeks ago I visited the Georgia Aquarium for the first time. Accompanied by my son who is an artist and engineering student, we took our sketchbooks and pencils to record the morning.

Fish and more fish – pencil                



After trying to capture on paper, fish of every size and color, we came to the conclusion that fish move. I know that is not a surprise to anybody, but it made it a challenge to put their smiling faces on paper.

Piranha on Van Gogh paper – pencil

We saw interesting people. We pet starfish. We pet little sharks and rays. We even went to the theater and saw the dolphin show. It really took me back to the days of visiting Sea World when my children were small and I didn’t notice if the fish did move.

Marine Life
Bluebird Robin Redbreast


Another Bird…masa paper collage on canvas

I just returned from a walk. I was enjoying the glorious weather and the neighbor’s flowers when a magnificent bluebird flew into my sight.

He had as they say, “the sky on his back”, he also had the sunset on his breast. The Robin Redbreast was there also. He was big and sturdy and busy. A no nonsense sort of fellow.

This jewel of a bluebird flew in and out so quickly, but left a colorful impression.

Have you had people in your life who seemed to be gone in an instant, but will never be far from your heart?

Family Love Life Jesus Orlando Museum of Art

Family, Love, Life

Several years ago I did a painting that looked like this:

Copyright 2012 ECRommel
Family, Love, Life   24″ x 36″

I labored over this autobiographical piece depicting my days as a mom juggling my nest, my love, and my busy as a bee-ness. That is what the painting meant.

A few weeks ago in my illustrator’s critique group we were talking about what different images mean. I was reminded of art history classes, where an academician would go on and on about each detail and what the artist meant. They would tell us how experts had figured out great mysteries by examining each brush stroke. I am not breaking the DaVinci Code or revealing a great secret, but sometimes there is no big secret, no deeper meaning.

When this painting was exhibited at the Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday event many years ago I heard something so interesting.

Four young women, in their early twenties approached my painting.

They looked at it.

They looked at the tag identifying the materials, the title, the price, and the artist’s name.

Then the leader of the group held up her arms pointing at the mom in the painting and said,
 “This represents Jesus and his disciples. See those orange things. They are his followers.”


Finally her impressed friends responded, “Yes, I see that. You are right.”

Hmmm, I guess I didn’t see that.

I recounted the story to my husband who responded, “I can see that.”

“May you think of Easter each time you see this painting,” I say chuckling. For I do not take myself too seriously.  I do, however, take Easter seriously…Love and blessings to all.