George Washington Hannah Klaus Hunter Sally Weiner

Suggest an American Hero, Hannah and Sally did

Several weeks ago I asked on facebook who you would vote for for American Heroes.

Jonas Salk was suggested by art therapist and artist Hannah Hunter. I can understand how working in a hospital setting with very ill children would help form this suggestion.

Another nomination was for Aunt Bea. Oh Sally Weiner you made me laugh. Every time I think of this I chuckle.  Sally is a Chicago artist, photographer, portraitist, and a friend from days past in Houston. Sally used to drive a Gremlin named Morgul. With that bit of information one can understand her nomination.

In this process I see how an individual’s experience and personality form opinions and values and heroes.

My all time favorite American Hero is George Washington. I have been researching this founding father.

George Washington ECR copyright 2012

What an amazing and imposing figure he must have cut. At six feet tall he towered over other men. He had an almost mythic ability to survive battles while snipers fired, his horses being shot from under him. The restraint he had in making decisions that affect us today. He listened and weighed advice. He was not impulsive, he was religious, he was humble, he was shy, he refused to run a third time for the presidency, and refused the position of king which so many wanted for him.

My first American Hero.

Who is your American Hero? or as in Sally’s nomination of Aunt Bea, heroine.