Having spent so much time in Santa Fe surrounded by American Indian art I find myself using elements of it in my creations.

This is the “Storyteller”.

The storyteller dolls in New Mexico are from the Pueblo people. The dolls are typically surrounded by figures who are listening to their tales. My woman is carrying her listeners along as she explores and finds new stories.

This is a bit autobiographical….and will be seen at the Swan Coach House Gallery show later this month. She measures 8″ x 8″ on a gallery wrapped canvas of 11/2″ depth.

copyright Beth Crews Rommel 2011

Swan Coach House Gallery

Little Ideas Mean a Lot

Before I begin a painting there is a process of thinking, planning and staging my materials.

There is quite a bit of time that passes when I mull over ideas. That kind of goes like this:

Where will my paintings take place?
Will there be flying people?
What are they thinking about?
What is accompanying them?
Is this an academic piece to revisit traditional subject matter?
Do I have reference materials/photos of this subject?
Stop thinking and get busy!

The drawing above is done on movers packing paper with a sharpie. It is a study for “Our Lady of the Seeds and Weeds”. the finished painting in acrylic on a 16″x 20″ canvas is pictured below.

I have been sketching and painting small pieces for a show at The Swan Coach House Gallery. I am so pleased to be included in the Little Things Mean A Lot Show that begins mid-November. The gallery is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta off West Paces Ferry at 3130 Slaton Drive. Plan lunch and a little shopping while visiting this lovely space.

all work copyrighted by Beth Crews Rommel 2011